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Which would you rather do? Pay someone to help you go to the toilet, or buy equipment that enables you to continue to do that intimate task on your own?

Palma Vita

Going to the toilet is one of the most frequent needs for home help. Yet purchase of even the most advanced toileting aid costs less than paying for carer assistance for that task for just six months(*), and enables you to retain your independence, potentially for years to come.

“How do you even begin to put a price on someone’s feeling of self-worth, independence, and dignity, because they are able to do such an intensely personal and private thing without a stranger’s help?” asks Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Closomat, Britain’s leading manufacturer of helpful toileting solutions.

“If you are having to pay for your care, the average rate is £15/hour. Most people would prefer if at all possible to go to the toilet without help- that preference can be a reality, enabling you to retain your independence, your dignity, consistently and safely.”

Aerolet TiltPeople go to the toilet on average eight times a day. If you need that toilet help for the foreseeable future, the cost of paying a carer to help you is ongoing, day after day. Even allowing just an hour a day for toileting, the cost of Closomat’s equipment, that enables you to ‘go’ without help, is covered in less than 187 days. 

A toilet lifter like Closomat’s Aerolet can address the issue of getting on and off the WC. It replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, automatically and smoothly lowering you over and onto the toilet and then raising you to standing whilst ensuring your centre of gravity and thus balance remains stable. It is all controlled by the push of a button via integral arm supports, which simultaneously provide additional bracing if you transfer from wheelchair or frame to the toilet.

A wash & dry toilet- such as its brand-leading Vita range- addresses the issue of needing help to wipe clean afterwards, having integrated douching and drying.

Uniquely, Closomat’s Palma Vita – the biggest-selling bidet toilet in the UK- can be fitted with a range of accessories, to enable it to be adapted to your individual needs, either at the outset or retrospectively as needs change with time. Further, if regularly serviced & maintained, Closomats are proven to last for 30+ years.

All Closomat’s aids are easily operated, without any fiddly buttons. 

Family-owned Closomat was founded 55 years ago. It is the only wash & dry toilet supplier to manufacture in the UK. It is completely UK based, offering sales support and its own nationwide team of service & maintenance engineers, from its Manchester headquarters.

* purchase price of a Palma Vita or Aerolet: £2800 ÷ £15/hour= 186.6 days