We all know the inconvenience of needing the toilet when away from home, but being unable to use the nearest available…If you are disabled, and need a Changing Places assisted accessible WC facility, the situation is more than inconvenient.

A couple of basic measures put in place by the venue which has the Changing Places can go a long way to avoid the problem.

“Under LOLER(1)Regulations, lifting equipment should be annually serviced,” explains Closomat manual handling and Changing Places specialist Claire Haymes. “That applies to equipment such as ceiling track hoists, which are a fundamental feature of Changing Places.

“The hoist is also the piece of equipment that users of Changing Places most frequently are frustrated about- often because it has not been properly returned to its charging point. Obviously you can’t train facility users, but you CAN train your staff, so that they can ensure the hoist is properly relocated on each inspection or cleaning visit.”

Closomat- Britain’s leading provider of Changing Places toilets- is thus offering a choice of packages to venues with Changing Places (2)in which it will:

  • train all relevant staff on how to operate and check the key pieces of equipment within the facility- hoist, height adjustable changing bench, and (where relevant) the height adjustable washbasin and wash & dry toilet,
  • provide annual service & maintenance of the relevant fixtures.

“Servicing works out at less than 55p/day(3),staff training is free of charge” observes Claire. “That’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that customers are going to be happy customers, that you not only have provided suitable facilities for them, but that those facilities are properly maintained and in compliant, good working order.”

Full details of Closomat’s Changing Places offering can be found here: changing places

  • LOLER: Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • Applies to Changing Places supplied by Closomat
  • Based on annual service contract for one piece of equipment eg the hoist