Multiple Sclerosis is on the increase: latest figures indicate about 100 people each week are diagnosed, and the number of people now living with the condition in the UK is growing by almost 2.5% each year.

A carer explaining the controls on a Closomat wash and dry toilet to a person in a wheelchair

Of the common symptoms, the top two are balance & co-ordination, and bladder & bowel regulation. The symptoms explain why growing numbers of people diagnosed with the condition are turning to “toilet tech” to help live as independently as possible, for as long as possible. Many have followed that route after using the technology at their local MS Therapy Centre.

The “toilet tech” in question is Closomat’s wash & dry WC, the Palma Vita. Looking like a conventional WC, it overcomes any sensitivity about ‘disability’ aids. Its integrated douching and drying ensures the user’s bottom is hygienically clean, thoroughly and effectively, every time, eliminating the need to rely on balance and fine motor skills. Uniquely, it is the only WC of its kind that can be accessorised initially and/or retrospectively, to accommodate changing needs. Independent cost analysis shows that- irrespectively of the intangible benefits of dignity, independence and feeling in control- there is a hard financial benefit to choosing Closomat technology in place of paying for care support.

Summarises Karen Middlemiss from Kent MS Therapy Centre, “Some people with MS struggle with motor skills and muscle spasticity, which can make personal hygiene a challenge at times. It is really important to anyone’s wellbeing to feel clean. The Closomat is a very easy way for people to take care of those harder to reach areas.”

A Closomat wash and dry toilet in a bathroom.

Diagnosed with MS a decade ago, Jay further demonstrates the various benefits. “I never thought I’d get excited about a loo! I do now. Going to the loo if you’re disabled is one of the things that doesn’t even occur to you until you’re in that situation; it’s not on the radar. But when you are in that situation, it’s funny how little things make such a difference to your quality of life. It means I don’t have to depend on someone to help me,” Jay says.

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