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General FAQ's

Professional FAQ's

Easy to use?

Closomat is 'user-friendly' – all functions, flushing, washing and drying are initiated by one simple action – press for flush and wash, release for drying. Uniquely flushing and washing are simultaneous, thereby reducing infection risk.


Closomat offers a manufacturers approved installation service either in-house or by appointed quality installers. It can also be installed by a competent plumber/electrician. All installations on the UK mainland are commissioned by the company's own engineers. The Closomat can be installed and connected to a Macerator if required and if space allows. For difficult service conditions or restricted locations a no-obligation survey visit is recommended. Full guidance is given in our installation manual.

After Sales

Closomat employs a nationwide team of in-house Closomat trained service engineers. These specialists ensure the product works correctly and continues to give satisfactory service. A service contract is offered to commence after the 12 months guarantee period has expired.


A comprehensive range of customising options is available, such as raising plinths, touch sensitive switches, alternative douche assembles, toilet lifters, "care" seats, shower chair use support systems.

On-Site Surveys

Survey visits are recommended if considering using a Closomat in conjunction with a shower chair, toilet lifter or if a WC support system is envisaged. See leaflet designated for specific options or technical advice.

Demonstration Units

Closomat demonstration units are installed in many Independent Living Centres – some are mobile units only – others are available for "live trial!" Many of our distributors too have demonstration units available. We also offer a "free" on site demonstration service on UK mainland.

Purchasing & Stockists

You can purchase direct from us – the manufacturer – or from one of our appointed distributors – list available on request.

Advisory Service

The Company offers a full design advice service to the whole caring team: Architect or Surveyor, Special Needs Adviser, Occupational Therapist, Carer or End user. With Closomat the specifier can be sure of:


The Palma Vita is WRAS approved and meets the requirements of UK Water Regulations. It can be specified for general bathroom use.


Closomat invented the automatic shower toilet (wash/dry toilet, bidet toilet). The company was the first in the field and is still the brand leader: over 60,000 Closomats are installed across the UK, and over 100,000 worldwide. Closomat toilets are British made, in Stoke and at a dedicated assembly plant in Manchester. Closomat’s products are the result of continuous research and improvement, utilising experience gained from over 60 years’ enabling people to address intimate care independently, hygienically and with dignity.

Alternative Products

Several cheap ‘bolt-on’ bidet attachments are now available on the market. When considering specification we would advise you to:
Compare effectiveness of basic functions. Is flush separate? A hygiene/infection risk. Are wash/dry functions really effective? Closomat gives the most effective cleansing and drying available. Beware of ‘copies’ that are ineffective or inefficient. Closomat ‘cleans and dries’ others ‘spray and blow’

Check compliance with water regulations

Check if the unit can be seen or demonstrated

Ask what after sales service is available – vital in such a specialised product
Shower toilets vary from a simple accessory that bolts onto the existing conventional toilet through to state-of-the-art purpose designed automatic WC suites that incorporate flushing, washing and drying facilities in one unit. If efficient, the washing and drying facilities eliminate the need to use toilet paper, reducing hand, body, appliance contact and infection risk.
In Japan and the Far East, shower toilets are widely accepted as standard bathroom equipment due to the personal hygiene benefits. In the UK they were introduced originally for use by disabled people only but the product will provide improved levels of hygiene for all, irrespective of any special needs (UK mainland). Ensure you specify the best available!

Ease of Operation

Closomat toilets are the easiest on the market to use: just one action triggers the flushing, washing and drying process. Manual dexterity is not a worry: operating mechanisms can be specified to suit each user- integrated flush pads, soft-touch pad (operated by hand, elbow, foot), infra-red proxy, one-touch remote control. There is no need to fiddle about selecting different operations, and reduced risk of triggering the flushing, douching and drying processes accidentally.

Wash & Dry Performance

Closomats have the most effective washing and drying on the market. The standard douche delivers 8l/minute, from the mains and freshly heated for each use. The drying cycle runs for three minutes and can be repeated if required. Water and air drying temperature is thermostatically controlled and regulated.

Douche Options

Closomat douches are specifically sited within the pan to deliver the most effective angle for efficient cleaning, without risk of body contact as the douche extends, performs, retracts. Douche arms as standard are single spray. A twin (double, front and back) option and extended single douche are also available. The twin douche operates through both sprays simultaneously.


Closomats have been purpose-designed with a 90degree angle between back of the toilet and the cistern, to properly position the user over the pan and support them securely during use. All Closomat seats are supplied with a lid as standard. The standard seat features an integral ‘pee guard’.


The douche arm self-cleans as it retracts. There is no need for specialist chemicals, consumables to be added, topped up.

Aerolet FAQ's

Easy to use?

Aerolets are push-button operated, by controls in either of the arms (left or right depending on user preference). Unit can be set for individual user preferences, height etc.


We offer an installation service either by one of our own in-house engineers or an appointed quality installer. We would recommend a site survey is carried out first.

After Sales Support

Closomat has a UK customer support office to help you. The Aerolet is guaranteed for 12 months. Subsequent service & maintenance contracts can be separately purchased, with any work carried out by our nationwide in-house team of engineers.


Closomats have been purpose-designed with a 90degree angle between back of the toilet and the cistern, to properly position the user over the pan and support them securely during use. All Closomat seats are supplied with a lid as standard. The standard seat features an integral ‘pee guard’.


Aerolet is the only brand to offer a choice of lift styles- vertical or tilt. A battery back-up power pack is available on selected Aerolet models.

Alternative Products

There are other automatic toilet lifts available. None have the height range of the Aerolet. None offer Vertical lifting.

Away From Home FAQ's

Legal Requirement?

Under the Equality Act 2010, service providers are required to make any adjustments, including to the built environment, to address any impediments that would put a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage from accessing/using the service/building. Such adjustments should be anticipatory. Under Building Regulations (Approved Document M 2013), at very least, a unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet should be provided. A Changing Places toilet is desirable in any large building development. It cross-references with BS8300. Provision of such facilities can also help satisfy corporate social responsibility requirements.

Site Considerations

They need to be level access. They should be located by other toilet facilities. The ceiling height also needs to be a minimum 2.4m to accommodate effective use of the hoist. Structural strength is a key consideration, to support the ceiling track hoist when under load, and the changing bench, if wall-mounted. Ceiling track hoists can be supplied with support stansions if the ceiling isn’t suitably weight-bearing. A mobile changing bench is an accepted alternative to a wall-mounted unit.

Specialist Contrator?

Any of the assisted accessible toilets can be installed by a competent plumbing/ building services contractor. We would advise verification that they are fully aware of compliance criteria. We offer a free site survey facility, to assess your building and the proposed location, and address any potential issues before install begins. We also offer a complete project management service, from survey & design to install, commissioning, and on-going service & maintenance.

Additional Maintenance

It is recommended that the hoist and changing bench are serviced annually.

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