The UK’s most popular living museum is using its newest attraction to deliver best practice in accessibility, and truly open its doors to everyone.

With a £10.9million grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Beamish is able to undertake its Remaking Beamish project, which includes a 1950s Town at the Co Durham site.

Closomat- the UK’s leading provider of assisted accessible toilets- has supplied and installed the Changing Places therein, which enables people who need help- be it in the form of people and/or equipment- to maintain toilet hygiene,

Wendy Wilshere, Beamish’s Volunteer & Access Co-Ordinator, said,

Over ? million people need Changing Places toilets, so they can get out and about, and enjoy the day to day activities many of us take for granted. These fantastic facilities will make a massive difference for visitors who need them, and we are delighted and proud to offer them in our new 1950s welfare hall at Beamish.

The Changing Places is installed in the welfare hall- the first building to be opened to visitors in The 1950s Town.

In addition to providing the core features of a compliant Changing Places, Beamish has gone beyond, achieving an exemplar facility according to British Standards by including a shower, and choosing a wash and dry toilet (a Closomat Palma Vita WC) in place of a conventional lavatory. In addition to the Changing Places, the Welfare Hall has two conventional wheelchair-accessible WCs, an accessible baby change, and changing room.