Marital harmony is being amplified for one MS sufferer – all through his toilet.

MS sufferer in a wheelchair with his quality of life enhancing Closomat toiletKevin was diagnosed with the condition almost a decade ago, and as symptoms progressed found his marriage and family increasingly under pressure helping him cope with daily bodily functions. But now the former keen guitar player has a degree of independence restored, which has taken both physical and mental pressure off the whole family.

Mid Sussex District Council’s Social Services department assessed Kevin, and arranged for a Closomat automatic wash and dry toilet to be installed in his home in Hurstpierpoint, W Sussex, as part of a Disabled Facilities Grant. The Closomat, which combines a WC, douche and drier in one unit, has become so essential to him in the year it has been fitted that he has now purchased a service contract to ensure the toilet is properly maintained.

“I just couldn’t be without it, it’s a brilliant piece of kit,” he says. “You try your hardest to carry on regardless but my illness means I can’t use my right arm at all and can’t stand up, so need help with almost everything. Would you want your wife or husband to be wiping your bottom every time you needed to go to the loo? Our quality of life has gone through the roof! The Closomat has helped enormously, physically and mentally. We have a lot of friends who visit, and they all love it too, and almost make excuses to go to the toilet when they’re here!”

The Closomat combines conventional toilet design with integral washing and drying facilities. Unique simultaneous flushing and washing improves hygiene as the user is cleaned by warm water, not paper, and increases independence as there is no need for manual cleansing.

One simple press of the flush pad (by hand, elbow or body pressure) or the remote control hand switch can trigger the washing and drying process, making it easily useable by all, regardless of manual dexterity. If necessary, an additional push at any time can repeat the drying cycle. The functions can be stopped at any time simply by standing up.

Closomat is the first choice for disabled people and their carers, to deliver quality, easy to use toileting solutions that bring greater independence, dignity and hygiene.
Stephen Edwards, Head of Sales and Marketing