A London college focused on providing excellence and an environment where students can maximise their potential is now able to open its doors more inclusively- by investment in a toilet.

Stanmore College in Middlesex has opened a new hygiene room, allowing it to fulfil the requirements of a specific disabled student who wanted to join the facility, and ‘open its doors’ to enable more less able young people to benefit from its vocational and academic provision.

Supplied and installed by Closomat, on the ground floor of the College’s main reception building by the learning resource centre, the hygiene room delivers more space than a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet, and additional equipment. The room includes a changing bench, height-adjustable washbasin, hoist and Closomat Palma Vita automatic wash and dry toilet with touch-sensitive operating switch.

A disabled student wanted to join the College this academic year, and she had very specific needs regarding toileting and changing facilities. We wanted to do our best to accommodate the needs of this student, and in the process improve the accessibility for any future students with similar disabilities

explained College facilities manager James Mace.

The College has several other ‘accessible’ toilets throughout the site, but they are all designed to conform with the bare minimum of regulations. Including a Palma Vita wash and dry toilet in place of a conventional WC and a height adjustable basin we saw as a better and more forward-thinking choice, in future-proofing the facility for any additional users, and giving them some extra independence.