Automatic ‘wash and dry’ toilets are now regarded as the only “proper” hygiene solution by residents at a nursing home.

Glenashling Nursing Home initially installed two of the Closomat toilets – one fixed height Palma Vita and one height adjustable Lima Lift – in a new extension.

Reaction from residents and staff to the units, that automatically wash and dry the user after toileting, has been so positive that owner Garry Gavigan has now had a further 3 x Palma Vita toilets, each with an accompanying Aerolet toilet lift, installed in communal bathrooms as part of an upgrade programme.

“The residents are so pleased with the toilets, and the staff think they are wonderful,” says Garry Gavigan. “They help ensure that we provide dignified care, even in such personal areas as going to the toilet.” The best comment I have had was one of the nurses telling me that as she was taking a resident to her room, and the bathroom there, the resident said ‘No Nurse, I want to go to the PROPER toilet!’ She meant the Closomat!

“The Closomats are so much more hygienic, and the staff and I agree they and the Aerolets make resident toileting so much safer for us all too. Glenashling is all about providing the highest standard of care, hence our decision when upgrading the older wing to bring even the toilets up to the same quality as those in the new extension.”