The rise in obesity is impacting on the nation’s health, with a 40% increase in diabetes.

Now, 1 in 10 people over 40 is living with diabetes ((Diabetes UK). Using the toilet is one of the biggest associated- but rarely discussed- issues.

Limb amputation is one of the hidden consequences of the condition: 24 people each day lose a limb as a result of their diabetes.

“How does a client balance on the WC if they are missing a limb? How do they clean themselves?” asks Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Closomat, Britain’s only manufacturer of wash & dry toilets. “Chances are, care intervention will be required.

“The client’s clinical need, and their hygiene, health & wellbeing, is best served by providing adaptive equipment. It answers the Person Environment & Occupation model, enabling the client’s environment, and delivers best value, equating to just 25% or better the cost of providing a carer.”

“It is fantastic”

Ulem Grant lost a leg and can no longer use his fingers as a result of diabetes; his Closomat Palma Vita wash & dry toilet was installed as part of Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) funding.

“It’s fantastic!I am over the moon. It was so difficult to go the toilet, but not any more! I can go whenever I want, without my wife having to help me,” he enthused.

Added his wife Dawn, “I use it too! We were using so much toilet paper trying to get my husband clean, and he hated me having to help him all the time.”

Our Palma Vita is the UK’s top-selling wash & dry WC, the only one manufactured in Britain, and the only one from a family-owned company. It is also the only one with a British-based, in-house full support service, from pre-sale advice and site survey, to post-installation service & maintenance.

Our unique Palma Life package gives you an unrivalled level of support, with a total 10 years’ supply, service & maintenance included in one initial payment (that can be covered as part of a DFG).