Closomat concludes its record 2022 clinical webinar series with a reflection on DFG waiting times and the subsequent impact they have on occupational practice.

Using a mix of one-hour clinical topics and half-hour pre-recorded practical sessions, Closomat has engaged with literally thousands of Occupational Therapists and other healthcare professionals over five webinar events in 2022.

Ending 2022 with a session on the impact of DFG waiting times on occupational practice, raises a key issue in the current psyche of the healthcare marketplace.

This informative webinar will take place on Thursday 8th December at noon, and then repeated at 6pm for those that can’t make the earlier presentation.

Learning Objectives:
• Consider the current stresses on services, reviewing impact on therapist and client.
• Reflect on whether practice changes have impacted on occupational therapy processes and/or standards.
• Review current resources, physical and financial, and challenges meeting demand.
• Discuss opportunities for collaboration to support the needs of service users and those waiting for assessment.

What a year it has been! We thought 2021 was good but 2022 has been amazing in terms of visitor numbers to the webinars we’ve hosted. Our aim has been to cover topics that are of course relevant, but that fit within specific disciplines that OT’s work within, i.e. Paediatrics, Older People, Plus-size and Moving & Handling. This way our content can count towards CPD.

– Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager.

‘DFG waiting lists, and impact on occupational therapy practice’