The angst of adolescence is being eased for one Stockport teenager and his family through the care and understanding of Stockport Homes Adaptations Service….

Bradley, aged 15, suffers from severe epilepsy. Stockport Homes has moved the family of single mum Sharon and her five children into a new home created by merging two empty adjoining properties into one and incorporated special adaptations, including a Closomat Palma toilet, resulting in an improved quality of life for the whole family. Previously, Bradley had to sleep in the lounge, and cope with the rest of the family going through his ‘bedroom’ to and from the kitchen; the bathroom was upstairs, making it difficult for him to undertake basic hygiene.

Stockport Homes Adaptations Officer Gail Jones worked closely with the family to create a new home that accommodated Bradley’s needs. As a result, Bradley now has a downstairs bedroom with en-suite wetroom including a track hoist and the Closomat toilet, and the whole ground floor being wheelchair accessible. Gail elaborated, “It was my suggestion to include the Closomat. Because it combines a conventional toilet with washing and drying functions, it reduces Bradley’s reliance on his mother to assist with cleansing which gives him more dignity. As a teenage boy, he was getting quite distressed by the amount of help he needed to perform basic functions.”

Bradley’s mother Sharon commented, “Our new home is so much better for all of us. Bradley has quite complex needs and was getting upset as he matures. The introduction of the Closomat has made toileting a more respectful function for him, made life easier for us both and so made him happier. It’s absolutely fabulous!”

The first bidet toilet/automatic WC developed SPECIFICALLY for the less able, by UK market leader Closomat, the Palma Vita features technological improvements making it the most advanced unit of its type on the market.

Closomat is the first choice for disabled people and their carers, to deliver quality, easy to use toileting solutions that bring greater independence, dignity and hygiene.
Stephen Edwards, Head of Sales and Marketing