Closomat is now able to fully support adaptations professionals in undertaking client assessment for toilet needs, by whatever means are safe for all involved.

The company has executed rigorous risk analysis, to enable its team of product specialists to work alongside Occupational Therapists and adaptations teams, to undertake assessments at the client’s home. All appropriate health & safety measures will be in place- social distancing, PPE etc, as required.

Thus Closomat can support adaptations teams at whatever level is required for each client: the home assessment capability compliments the remote assessment procedure already in place. Under the remote assessment format, Closomat can provide comprehensive advice and support either over the telephone or via video conferencing services.

Closomat has already recommenced manufacturing at its UK factory. Thus any wash and dry toilets ordered can be built to the client’s individual requirement/specification and delivered to site for installation either by one of Closomat’s own engineers, its network of trained installers, or the HIA approved contractor.

Closomat’s product specialists can be contacted via the usual routes to arrange an assessment, be it a home visit or remote option. Email or telephone 0161 969 1199 to arrange assessments.