What is a Changing Place?

A Changing Place facility is designed specifically for people who cannot use a standard disabled toilet. By definition they need more space in order to accommodate the extra equipment needed, and room for up to two carers to provide assistance when necessary.

Typically, you will find the following equipment in these facilities

  • Overhead room coverage hoist system
  • Height adjustable changing bench
  • Peninsular toilet
  • Privacy screen

What constitutes a “Changing Place” is set down in building regulations Approved Document M-Access to and use of buildings.

So, consequently, if you are looking to incorporate a Changing Place into your next new build project, or planning to add one into an existing building, it is important that you choose a partner with the right knowledge and experience to ensure your project meets the required standards.

How can Closomat help?

We’ve been assisting in the design, specification, installation and maintenance of Changing Places for many years. We’ve supported hundreds of successful projects up and down the UK in a variety of different settings – from big retail units to zoos, from railway stations to conference centres. Click here to read our case studies.

Our knowledge, experience and proven track record will ensure the project runs smoothly – from help and advice on the design and specification of the facility, right through to completion. We will ensure everything is fully compliant with building regulations, and is delivered on time and within budget.


Complete, end-to-end project management

We are experienced in working with architects and building/facilities staff at every stage of the process. We can manage the project from start to finish, ensuring everything runs smoothly and removing any potential issues which can lead to overruns and hassle.


Plan and advise

We can work with existing plans and specifications, providing advice and guidance as required, or we can advise and make recommendations ourselves.


Survey and recommend

We always insist on carrying out a free of charge site survey to absolutely ensure that everything is correct and to identify any potential areas of concern to avoid problems arising later in the process. We will also recommend the best combination of equipment.


Supply and install

We can supply the equipment and oversee its installation to ensure everything adheres to the plan, and is fully compliant with all relevant Standards and Building regulations. We also provide ‘how to use’ and ‘safe working load’ signage.



Once everything is installed and ready to use, we can provide support and training to staff to ensure they are confident in the operation of the equipment, and are then able to provide support to those in their care. We can also provide on-going servicing and maintenance of the equipment to ensure it continues to support people for years to come.

Changing Places Locations

Changing Places Locations

Want to see a Closomat installation of a Changing Places facility? See the map for available locations.
Changing Places Locations

Configure your Changing Place

Configure your Changing Place

Configurator tool coming soon.

Changing Places - Our experience

Changing Places - Our experience

Changing Places - Our experience

Recent Case Studies

24 March 2022, 15:24

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191 Local Authorities Win Share of £23.5m Fund to Install Over 500 Changing Places Toilets

04 February 2022, 09:56

Changing Places by Closomat arrives on RIBA’s NBS service

Changing Places by Closomat arrives on RIBA’s NBS service

20 April 2021, 13:21

Changing Places – a personal perspective

Changing Places – a personal perspective

To discuss your project please call 0800 374 076 or email: changingplaces@closomat.co.uk