We believe that everyone has the right to deal with their toileting needs with as much independence and dignity as possible, whether inside their homes or in public spaces.

Now that Changing Places are mandatory in all new public buildings, we are at a tipping point in transforming the lives of more than 250,000 people in the UK who are not able to use a standard disabled toilet. Put simply, having a Changing Place in their local shopping centre, cinema or library will enable them to do things many of us take for granted.

Delivering a Changing Place fit for your business

Changing Places require a larger footprint (a minimum of 12m2) in order to accomodate equipment such as hoists, privacy screens, adult-sized changing benches as well as space for carers. Also, what constitutes a “Changing Place” is set down in building regulations Approved Document M-Access to and use of buildings.

Consequently, if you are considering incorporating a Changing Place into your next new build project, or planning to add one into an existing building, it is important that you choose a partner with the right knowledge and experience to ensure your project meets the required standards

How can Closomat help?

Our knowledge, experience and proven track record will ensure the project runs smoothly, is fully compliant with building regulations, and is delivered on time and within budget.


Complete, end-to-end project management

We are experienced in working with architects and building/facilities staff at every stage of the process. We can manage the project from start to finish, ensuring everything runs smoothly and removing any potential issues which can lead to overruns and hassle.


Plan and advise

We can work with existing plans and specifications, providing advice and guidance as required, or we can advise and make recommendations ourselves.


Survey and recommend

We always insist on carrying out a free of charge site survey to absolutely ensure that everything is correct and to identify any potential areas of concern to avoid problems arising later in the process. We will also recommend the best combination of equipment.


Supply and install

We can supply the equipment and oversee its installation to ensure everything adheres to the plan, and is fully compliant with all relevant Standards and Building regulations. We also provide ‘how to use’ and ‘safe working load’ signage.



Once everything is installed and ready to use, we can provide support and training to staff to ensure they are confident in the operation of the equipment, and are then able to provide support to those in their care. We can also provide on-going servicing and maintenance of the equipment to ensure it continues to support people for years to come.

A Changing Places expert you can trust

As one of the original sponsors of the Changing Places Campaign, we’ve been assisting in the design, specification, installation and maintenance of Changing Places for many years. We’ve supported hundreds of successful projects up an down the UK in a variety of different places – from big retailer units, to zoos, from railway stations to conference centres. We’ve helped both in new build projects and in the refurbishment of existing spaces.

We believe what we offer is unique in the market. We are the only specialist manufacturer and supplier of accessible bathroom equipment to offer a complete end-to-end project management service, from help and advice on the design and specification of the facility, right through to completion.

We can even provide signage and offer training for site staff. In addition we offer on-going servicing and maintenance of the equipment to make sure your investment continues to meet the needs of its users.

A Changing Places expert you can trust

IKEA continues commitment to be accessible.

IKEA Gateshead has become the latest of the brand’s stores to install a Changing Places toilet as part of the chain’s ongoing ambition to be accessible to all.

Before Changing Places became a mandatory requirement, IKEA was the only major home furnishings retailer in the UK to commit to providing Changing Places toilets in all new stores, and upgrading facilities in selected existing stores. With equipment supplied and installed by Closomat, the Changing Places facility means that anyone visiting IKEA has an appropriate environment in which to ‘go’.

Kelsey Avery, customer services manager at IKEA Gateshead, explained,

At IKEA Gateshead we take great pride in providing an inclusive and accessible shopping experience. Through our vision to create a better everyday life for people, we recognised the importance of Changing Places for many of our customers in the North East, and are proud we are now able to offer a Changing Places facility to the local community

To discuss your project please call 0800 374 076 or email: changingplaces@closomat.co.uk