‘Top tips’ for a successful accessible toilet adaptation

22 January 2020, 10:54

Many potential usage issues arising from an adaptation can be eliminated at the outset, using a new “quick guide”. ‘Adapting to an Accessible Toilet: Quick Guide to Getting it Right’ has been produced and published by Closomat. It is intended to help all those involved in delivery of housing adaptat...
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Big, hidden toilet troubles

15 January 2020, 10:57

New figures(*) suggest that the number of obese people in England has almost doubled in twenty years; now, more than a quarter of the UK population is obese. The issue has hidden hygiene implications, warns Closomat, particularly when going to the toilet- something we all do on average eight times a...
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How to open up accessibility and inclusion

07 January 2020, 10:59

Are you excluding potential customers on ability, religion or culture? Any venue where people spend any degree of time almost inevitably has what it thinks is an accessible toilet. But how accessible is it? Is it suitable for, compliant with religious, cultural considerations, as well as disabilitie...
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Helping access adaptable housing

02 January 2020, 11:01

A new campaign is calling for all new build homes to be designed to be accessible and adaptable, to work for a lifetime and any generation. Closomat is lending its support to the drive, re-iterating the statement by campaign organisers Age UK and Habinteg, that most people want a home in which they...
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How ‘tech’ can help living with Multiple Sclerosis

18 December 2019, 11:04

Multiple Sclerosis is on the increase: latest figures indicate about 100 people each week are diagnosed, and the number of people now living with the condition in the UK is growing by almost 2.5% each year. Of the common symptoms, the top two are balance & co-ordination, and bladder & bowel...
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Adapt to the needs of ‘generation rent’

18 December 2019, 11:02

A Parliamentary report (*) is maintaining that landlords need to adapt, to take a share of the growing ‘Generation Rent’ sector. The adapting applies to their properties, creating environments that enable older tenants to live independently. Potentially they can do so free of charge, using the Disab...
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Access the tools to adapt for change

05 December 2019, 11:07

Practitioners involved in the housing adaptations process are being empowered to ease at least one pain point with co-professional analysis documents. Available for free download, Occupational Analysis: Activity Analysis of Toileting and Single Handed Care: Toilet Guidance have both been written by...
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Appropriate toilet specification can help meet special needs

05 November 2019, 11:09

Local authorities are being encouraged to look to school toilets to help address the requirements of the growing numbers of pupils with special needs. Closomat, Britain’s only manufacturer of smart toilets for disabled people of all ages, maintains its equipment enables pupils with special needs to...
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Provision of equipment optimises social care budgets

08 October 2019, 11:16

A report by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) is proving that appropriate use of equipment can deliver significant savings in care costs. The report- Relieving the Pressure on Social Care The Value of Occupational Therapy- maintains how optimised client independence through technol...
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Multi-generational living? Don’t forget the toilet

01 October 2019, 11:17

One issue not generally discussed when talking about multi-generational households is the bathroom- access to, and use of. It’s a growing problem for the households. There has been a 46% rise in multi-generational households in less than a decade(1). It is set to continue: some 60% of people would c...
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Single handed care- new guidance published

27 September 2019, 11:20

Single handed care options are widening, with advances in technology balanced alongside care budgets, outcomes advised by healthcare professionals, and the desires of the client. With regard to the toilet, such technology not only enables single handed care to be achieved in reducing care support to...
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Call to improve public toilet provision

15 September 2019, 11:22

Designers and developers of public spaces and venues are being urged to go to the toilet when planning new build or refurbishment projects. The urge is the result of a new report, which claims the nation’s health, mobility and equality is being threatened by lack of toilet provision away from home....
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