DFGs- optimising delivery and effectiveness

20 April 2020, 08:43

As the Government announces a further record amount of funding for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs), deliverers are being reminded of how to utilise available resources to optimise efficient execution. “A pot of £505m has been allocated for 2020/21. Almost 60% of grants allocated in 2018/19 were fo...
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Disability- the growing issue and how to accommodate it

30 March 2020, 09:07

No-one chooses to be disabled; of the 11+million registered disabled people in the UK, only 20% were born with their disability. So it could happen to you. In delivering home adaptations, there is a tendency to forget that, as a specific criterium under the Disabled Facilities Grant, people should b...
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Government funding for Changing Places: where next?

30 March 2020, 08:54

NHS Trusts, motorway services: where next? That’s the question being posed to Changing Places users as the new decade sees continuing Government commitment to making your daily life a little easier. In the past year alone, funding for potentially more than 250 additional Changing Places toilets has...
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Practical help to ‘tick the boxes’ in adaptation good practice delivery

25 March 2020, 09:28

Best practice examples identified in a new checklist for local housing adaptations provision can already be met by a little care in supply chain selection. Care & Repair England has written the ‘Help with Home Adaptations: Improving Local Services’ guide to help improve services so that delivery...
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Zoo’s all inclusive

25 March 2020, 09:25

Paignton Zoo’s commitment to being modern, inspiring and inclusive is reaching all areas- even the toilets- to enable everyone to enjoy one of Europe’s top 10 zoos. Wild Planet Trust has opened a Changing Places assisted accessible toilet at Paignton Zoo, by the Island restaurant- the Zoo’s main cat...
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Help patients spend a penny- free!

18 March 2020, 09:38

NHS Trusts are being given the opportunity to improve their provision for patients- without it costing a penny. The Government has allocated £2million to NHS Trusts specifically to provide Changing Places assisted accessible toilet, so disabled visitors to the hospital can deal with their intimate h...
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Tool to help determine living aid requirement

18 March 2020, 09:32

A new tool to help healthcare professionals determine the suitability of equipment to assist with that most intimate of daily living activities- toileting- is now available. Produced by Occupational Therapists, the ‘Activity Analysis of Toileting’ delivers in one easy to use document an end user sui...
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Bathroom model to support “ageing in place”

06 March 2020, 09:39

Housing experts are highlighting that, with the number of over 85s in the UK expected to double in the next 25 years, there is a growing priority to create tailored environments where people can continue to live. The “ageing in place” concept includes factoring occupants’ changing needs into the bui...
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How to make sure it is convenient for ALL customers to spend a penny- for less than 60p/day

26 February 2020, 09:48

We all know the inconvenience of needing the toilet when away from home, but being unable to use the nearest available…If you are disabled, and need a Changing Places assisted accessible WC facility, the situation is more than inconvenient. A couple of basic measures put in place by the venue which...
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The role of assistive technology in addressing social care funding for all ages- break with tradition

24 February 2020, 09:50

Latest figures allege that 1.5million people are not receiving the care they need with day-to-day life(Age UK). An adjustment to traditional thinking, of how money is spent, could alleviate the situation, by using- where appropriate- equipment in place of people. Installation of Closomat assistive t...
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Growing need for adaptations

06 February 2020, 09:57

New data reveals that as many as 93% of existing homes do not meet even the lowest existing threshold of ‘visitability’ (accessibility) retrofitting and adapting properties will be the scenario for “the foreseeable future”. Closomat is taking steps to make the process, in the bathroom at least, as p...
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Cardiff rises to the challenge of inclusion with support from Closomat

06 February 2020, 09:52

Cardiff Council is rising to the perpetual challenge of enabling pupils with special needs to integrate as fully as possible into mainstream school life. Cardiff Council’s Building Services has worked with Closomat to adapt existing facilities within a number of schools across the city so that disab...
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