Warranty Vs Service Contract: Protecting your Wash and Dry Toilet

02 December 2020, 14:26

A warranty, which comes in with the price of your new product, is a company’s way of standing behind the quality of their goods. A service contract is something that costs extra but proactively prolongs the life of the product beyond that of the warranty period. Why we recommend an annual service an...
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Is it time to wipe your hands of toilet tissue?

07 January 2020, 14:31

The average British person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper every year. But to many cultures, us British/westerners are somewhat odd in the whole concept of using paper to clean. From a hygiene point of view, if we actually think about it, it is weird to use a bit of paper to deal with our..&#...
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Changing design perceptions

07 January 2020, 14:30

Sinead Burke describes using a public bathroom as “an excruciating experience”. It is a human right to be able to go to the toilet, with dignity. However, despite there being a range of allegedly accessible WCs for people to use when away from home (ambulant disabled, wheelchair users, those who nee...
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Penny for your thoughts…

05 December 2019, 14:35

A survey has revealed we spend on average three hours a week on the toilet. Does it not make sense therefore to take steps to ensure that our time spent sat there is as comfortable and hygienic as possible? Think about it, if you were choosing a sofa, you’d try them out to find the...
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Election pledge? Changing Places!

05 December 2019, 14:33

An unforeseen consequence of Brexit and the end of the Parliamentary session is the failure of the Toilets (Provision & Accessibility) Bill to complete its progress into law. Introduced two years ago as a private members bill by Paula Sherriff MP, the Bill sought to make it compulsory for certai...
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Form and function for optimum wellbeing

05 November 2019, 14:39

It is human nature that we do not like to admit to our weaknesses. It’s a problem that healthcare professionals deal with almost daily. They want to empower clients to be as independent as possible. The client does not want to admit that help is needed, nor do they want their home to look institutio...
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Expert accessibility

05 November 2019, 14:36

We’ve all encountered a situation where we’ve looked round and despaired at the configuration of something, and probably made a disparaging remark along the lines that it was designed by someone who had no pertinent experience. However, whereas much of daily life has been designed creating a gender...
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Managing your independence

08 October 2019, 14:42

“I can manage”… How often do we say that? Usually, it is our pride that makes us say it, our reluctance to admit to our growing frailty. However, it is one of life’s inevitables that, for numerous reasons, activities or tasks we have managed to perform perfectly well in the past become more difficul...
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Take a moment to manage change

08 October 2019, 14:40

If you care for someone who is disabled, you know how life is about compromise, particularly if you want to go anywhere, for any length of time. Indeed, if you need to use a hoist and/or changing bench, even the length of time is dictated to you- by the availability of suitable toilets. If you’re...
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Accessible or universal?

03 September 2019, 14:45

What’s in a name? Should we refer to accessible housing, housing for the elderly, sheltered housing, disabled housing, age-friendly housing? Is it a case of what we call things, or is it a case of how we perceive them? The thing is, if we say ‘disabled’ we picture someone in a wheelchair, and probab...
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Accessible or universal when away from home?

03 September 2019, 14:43

It is almost impossible, within the daily practicality of typical business constraints, to design a toilet away from home that meets everyone’s need. Even if two people have the same disability, they will still have different needs because of how it has impacted specifically on them. We ran an infor...
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