Holistic approach enhances quality of life

08 April 2021, 09:19

Taking a holistic approach to a child’s needs is improving not only his quality of life, but that of his whole family… Sebastian Parkhouse, aged 8, has spastic quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties with global development delay. He bottom-shuffles everywhere, and is unab...
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Dr Kenneth Townend PhD

08 April 2021, 09:17

Simply the best – a toilet! The best in product and service back-up” is the opinion of a Doctor in hyperbaric medicine – about his toilet. The toilet in question is a Palma Vita, manufactured by Closomat, in the UK; whilst it looks like a conventional WC – and can be used as such –..&#...
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Marilyn Carr

08 April 2021, 09:14

Retaining independence… Marilyn Carr, 71, has made it a mission to demonstrate her lack of limbs does not stop one living a full life: she drives, had a full time job throughout her working life, and starred in the first colour television documentary, which featured her and Douglas Bader, comp...
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Alan Billinge

08 April 2021, 09:06

Three decades of daily use and still going strong… A Liverpool man is maintaining one of the best things in his life is his toilet – even though it is more than 30 years old. Alan Billinge, 53, is spastic quadriplegic, and has been in a wheelchair almost his entire life. He first had his.&...
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Ulem Grant

08 April 2021, 09:03

‘Fantastic’ equipment… Pensioner Ulem Grant lost a leg through diabetes in 2010 and can no longer use his fingers. He had his Closomat installed under a Disabled Facilities Grant on the advice of his Occupational Therapist, as he was dependant on his wife helping him on and off his conventiona...
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Regaining independence…

08 April 2021, 09:02

When diabetes has affected you so badly you have had to have your legs amputated above the knee and have lost your sight, even going to the loo can be a major issue… But this is not the case for Neil McCarthy of Sale, Manchester. A former consultant psychotherapist, 60 years-old Neil was origi...
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Adapting to deliver ‘fantastic’ independence

08 April 2021, 09:00

A multiple sclerosis sufferer is achieving ‘fantastic’ independence – through a new toilet. Anne Hey lives alone in her Weaver Vale Housing Trust bungalow in Northwich, and, because of her illness, was struggling to use the conventional toilet in her small bathroom. The solution, underta...
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Piles of improvement…

08 April 2021, 08:58

“I am a new man, I don’t know I have a bottom now!” So says 72 years-old Eric Greenhalgh, a self-styled cripple who suffered significantly from haemorrhoids until he changed his toilet. Former engineer Eric, who is in his electric wheelchair 24/7 through hip and spine issues, has h...
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Making a difference to quality of life

08 April 2021, 08:56

A former care worker is getting a new lease of life and renewed independence- thanks to her toilet. Barbara West, 54, has, among other ailments, acute arthritis, to the extent she cannot use her arms. Her local Council has had a Closomat Palma Vita automatic shower “wash and dry” toilet...
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On the move…with his toilet!

08 April 2021, 08:54

One man is so impressed with his toilet, he even took it with him when he moved house. Thalidomide Kevin Donnellon (52), has moved from a flat to a bungalow in Bundellsands, Crosby, to give him and his young family more space. Whereas most people, when they move, leave bathroom fittings behind, Kevi...
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Toilet gets seal of approval from disability campaigner

08 April 2021, 08:51

Disability rights campaigner Gerry Maguire MBE is enhancing his knowledge of people’s toileting needs through personal experience… Gerry has cerebral palsy, works part-time for his local Health Trust, and plays a major role in Northern Ireland championing the needs of disabled people who...
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The ‘Rolls-Royce’ of toilets?

08 April 2021, 08:47

“It’s wonderful, everyone should have one, it’s the Rolls-Royce compared to a Ferrari”. What is it? A toilet… The comment comes from leading thalidomide campaigner Guy Tweedy, about his new Closomat Palma Vita automatic shower (wash and dry) toilet installed at his Harr...
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