Rugby world cup tries to extend Millennium accessibility

06 April 2021, 11:11

The Millennium Stadium is now closer to achieving its aim of removing any barriers to its use by disabled people: it has opened a new Changing Places assisted, accessible toilet. Supplied and installed by Closomat, the UK’s leading provider of disabled toilet solutions, the new facility means that a...
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Changing Places at the Orangebox to optimise youth potential

06 April 2021, 11:04

An innovative project designed by, and for, young people in Halifax has taken steps to ensure it is accessible to all – by including a state-of-the art toilet! The £3.9m Orangebox partnership development will provide counselling and support services for the borough’s 20,000 young people, along...
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Northcroft Leisure Centre

06 April 2021, 10:58

Changing access to leisure Thousands of people in West Berkshire now have improved access to leisure activities as a result of Council investment in state of art facilities. The Authority has created an innovative ‘Changing places’ disabled toilet at its Northcroft Leisure Centre- the la...
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George Carnall Leisure Centre

06 April 2021, 10:55

‘Total’ approach helps deliver excellence in meeting changing needs An inclusive approach to ‘good practice’ aimed at fulfilling a mission of meeting people’s ever changing needs by getting more people more active more often is being trialed in Manchester. Trafford Comm...
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Unique location for changing places

06 April 2021, 10:52

A unique project is bringing “excellence to all”- including disabled people. Kelvin Hall in Glasgow has re-opened following a £35million revamp. The new venue brings together civic, higher education and national organisations under one roof. It now houses 1.5million pieces from Glasgow’s civic colle...
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“Enjoyable” shopping experience delivered for everyone

06 April 2021, 10:49

“An even better experience for our customers” is extending through to the toilets in North Swindon. The town’s Orbital Shopping Park has benefitted from a £multi-million investment to improve accessibility for all visitors- able and disabled. The ease with which visitors can now get to, and about, t...
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Wetherspoon’s Lifeboat to the rescue for special needs

06 April 2021, 10:35

Residents of and visitors to one of Lancashire’s most popular resort towns can be sure all their needs are met at the new JD Wetherspoon pub in Formby. The Lifeboat- formerly the town’s Conservative Club and named by local residents to reflect the town’s historic association with the RNLI- opens its...
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Changing city centre accessibility

06 April 2021, 10:26

Edinburgh’s historic city centre is delivering optimum accessibility with the opening of a new pub by Waverley Station. Wetherspoon has spent some £2.4million revitalising the site, which was formerly a Chinese buffet, into The Booking Office. And the new venue features a Changing Places assisted ac...
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Improve facilities, attract customers – and get Government support

20 May 2020, 08:25

Venues can open their doors to a wider range of people by improving their accessible facilities- and have the cost match funded by the Government. A £30m Changing Places Fund has been announced as part of the 2020 Budget, to potentially double the national network of these specialist assisted access...
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