Closomat installed a full, high-spec, Changing Places facility for Cadbury World, including an additional Closomat ‘wash and dry’ automatic toilet – going above and beyond legal requirements to accommodate and benefit as many visitors as possible.  

The attraction, that enjoys over ½ million visitors per year, offers something for all chocolate lovers, from riding through a chocolate wonderland in a bean-mobile through to interactive digital games and live shows through to a 4D cinematic Crunchie rollercoaster!

Under British Standards (BS8300:2018), a Changing Places should include a peninsular WC, full room cover ceiling track hoist, adult-sized, height-adjustable changing bed, washbasin and privacy screen. The Standard ‘recommends’ the inclusion of a wash and dry toilet in place of a conventional WC, as this further enhances a person’s dignity and independence.

Wheelchair user in Changing Places using the adjustable sink. A Closomat wash and dry toilet can be seen in the background.
The wash and dry toilet goes way beyond conventional ‘disabled’ accessibility: it meets cultural hygiene practices, and is increasingly perceived as the ultimate in personal hygiene and dignity.

The Changing Places campaign calls for ‘bigger and better’ accessible toilets that enable people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities, the space and equipment they need to undertake personal hygiene in an appropriate, clean environment when away from home.

Since the campaign began, Closomat has installed approx 500 facilities at venues across the UK. You can read some of our case studies here or view many of the facilities we have installed on our map.

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