Three decades of daily use and still going strong…

A Liverpool man is maintaining one of the best things in his life is his toilet – even though it is more than 30 years old.

Alan Billinge, 53, is spastic quadriplegic, and has been in a wheelchair almost his entire life. He first had his Closomat automatic (wash and dry) toilet fitted in 1979, on the advice of his Occupational Therapist. Manufactured in Britain, by Closomat, the toilet looks like a conventional WC but has in-built washing and drying, eliminating the need to clean (or be cleaned) manually with toilet tissue.

“It gives me privacy, I wouldn’t want someone have to help me go to the toilet,” he says. “It’s a very good piece of equipment.”

Since it was first supplied, the only work the toilet has had outside of routine annual servicing has been the fitting of an electronic flush switch, which Closomat’s service engineer has attached to the adjacent grab rail to be in easy reach and activation for Alan when he uses the toilet. “It hasn’t given me a day’s problem since it was first installed, because I have it regularly serviced. If every piece of equipment I have worked as well and reliably, I would be a happy man!” adds Alan.

Closomat is the first choice for disabled people and their carers, to deliver quality, easy to use toileting solutions that bring greater independence, dignity and hygiene.
Stephen Edwards, Head of Sales and Marketing