Frequently Asked Questions

Is there power to the toilet? i.e. check the switch, typically located on the right hand side of toilet – it should be illuminated blue when ‘on’. Also check switch on wall if appropriate. Check fuse or circuit breaker if possible.

Are you switching the Closomat toilet on electrically and using it straight away? (3 – 5 minutes must be allowed for water to heat to operating temperature).

Has water been turned off? Do you have water to the rest of the property? – check isolating valve adjacent to the toilet.

Is water running in pan too fast to allow cistern to fill and therefore unable to flush? If the latter, please call us for an engineer appointment; 0800 374 076.

Is the drain blocked? If the drain is blocked, a plumber/drainage specialist should be called to attend as we do not do this work. We only deal with the mechanical and electrical parts of Closomat toilet.

If the Closomat toilet is leaking from soil connection (dirty water) then a plumber should be called in to rectify the problem. If the toilet is leaking clean water, one of our engineers should be called to investigate further; 0800 374 076.

Something to consider – Are you seated correctly over the douche spray to prevent water spraying between seat and pan?

First, check to see if the cold-water supply to the toilet has been turned down at the stop tap or isolating valve? If not, give us a call on 0800 374 076.

Need an adjustment making to your toilet?

Whether it’s an adjustment required to the water temperature or pressure or to make the warm air warmer, we’ve got you covered. Simply call our office and let Closomat take care of it for you; 0800 374 076.