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Take control with Closomat Service Plans.

Closomat Wash and Dry Toilets are built to last, and are proven to provide many decades of service to tens of thousands of people across the UK. Our toilets come with a warranty to provide cover in the unlikely event that things go wrong. But we also offer a comprehensive Service Plan to provide added peace of mind.

Watertight servicing and warranty

We provide service plans, so you know that your client will have a functioning toilet for years to come, without any need for your intervention.

If you have ever had a car, you’ll know that as well as a warranty, you also need to have it serviced at regular intervals. A service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is okay, and it can also spot any potential issues before they become a big problem. Well, it’s the same with Closomat Wash and Dry Toilets. A warranty is there for when things go wrong. So an annual service visit gives you and your clients the added peace of mind that the toilet is working correctly and will continue to do so for many years. So, if there’s a problem, your client won’t call you, they’ll call us.

Our own service engineers

We use our own service engineers, so you can be confident that any issue will be quickly sorted out by people who know the product the best.

We don’t contract out to just anyone. Our in-house engineers are trained by us – the manufacturer – so they know our products better than anyone else. They are specialists not just in wash and dry toilets, but in Closomat wash and dry toilets, so you can be assured that your client’s toilet is being looked after by an expert.

No quibble installation guarantee

We guarantee all our installations, so that you know everything will be done properly.

We offer an expert installation service with a no quibble guarantee. This means that no matter how complex the job is, the price will not change. Once installed, a follow-up customer care visit checks that everything is okay and provides the opportunity for the customer to ask questions or request minor adjustments. This gives everyone complete peace of mind.

Require a Visit?

    Please note that if your toilet is blocked, you will need to contact a plumber.